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Spot UV Varnishing
Spot UV Varnishing Spot UV Varnishing Spot UV Varnishing Free Layout 04 Spot UV Varnishing Free Layout 05 Spot UV Varnishing Free Layout 06 Spot UV Varnishing Free Layout 07 Spot UV Varnishing Free Layout 08
The perfect way to maximise visual contrast on the printing. UV varnish is applied to certain areas of gloss materials, respectively, that have been printed with wax free Litho ink. An attractive and alternative tinted effect can be gained by mixing a small quantity of ink into a clear UV varnish.
300 pcs Spot UV Varnishing
Service: Manuscript production service is free
Freight: For purchase over $300(addition finishings excluded),
$15 standard commerical / industrial delivery charge.
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Size: 90 x 54 mm
Paper: 250gsm Art Paper with Matt Lamination + Spot UV Varnishing
Printing: Full Color Double-side Offset Printing
Production Time: 7 Working Day
Finishing Avaliable: Spot UV、Round Cornering、Hole Drilling、Hot Stamping、Embossing、Creasing Diecutting

Single-side UV Double-side UV Single-side UV Double-side UV
Size 90 x 54 mm 90 x 108 mm
Remarks Free Creasing for this size
Quantity Pricing
300 pcs $130 $160 $260 $320
500 pcs $210 $230 $420 $460
1000 pcs $300 $330 $600 $660
2000 pcs $520 $580 $1,040 $1,160
3000 pcs $740 $830 $1,480 $1,660
4000 pcs $960 $1,080 $1,920 $2,160
5000 pcs $1,180 $1,330 $2,360 $2,660
6000 pcs $1,400 $1,580 $2,800 $3,160
7000 pcs $1,620 $1,830 $3,240 $3,660
8000 pcs $1,840 $2,080 $3,680 $4,160
9000 pcs $2,060 $2,330 $4,120 $4,660
10000 pcs $2,280 $2,580 $4,560 $5,160
more than 10000 pcs each 1000 pcs+$220 each 1000 pcs+$250 each 1000 pcs+$440 each 1000 pcs+$500
Different names alone can enjoy the following discounts
10-19 different names can have 10% discount
20-29 different names can have 20% discount
more than 30 different names can have 30% discount


  • Manuscript production service for name card is free which includes artwork preparation for double sides, 1 logo tracing and 4 photos retouching.
  • Online Pre-designs (templates) are available for selection.
  • For new customers, we will require a prepayment of $60 for the artwork. It will be deducted after the order is placed.
  • Manuscript production requires 2 working day, we welcome customer provide artwork.
  • Manuscript is owned by Print100, artwork file will not be sent / copied to customer.
  • Manuscript will only be charge once for the first artwork, while the rest artwork will the same design and layout. Updating information will not be charged at the next order.
  • Customer should attach a mono-color layer / file to indicate the area for Spot UV Varnishing ( Tutorial ).
  • Do not insert any gradient or filter / effect for the Spot UV layer. (Please attach file for JPG & TIF)
  • Spot UV Varnishing is only avaliable for Art Paper with Matt Lamination.
  • Print100 will not take any liability on any of the content (overly offensive or contain illegal in customer provide artwork.
  • We accept computer artwork only, do not accept filmset.


  • Production time : 7 Working Day ; an extra day for any fold card.
  • We only provide finishing on Spot UV Varnishing, Diecutting, Hot Stamping, Hole Punching, Round Cornering, Creasing currently.
  • Please call us at 2968 0000 ( Office Hour ) for customized size, quantity or finishing.


  • Available for self pick up or local delivery. The delivery charge for standard commerical/ industrial area in $15,delivery charge for other location is subject to quote.
  • For purchase over $300 (addition finishings excluded), $15 standard commerical / industrial delivery charge. The delivery charge for non-standard area is subject to quote. 
  • Extra Delivery Charges is need for over 5Kg (Appox. equivalent to 3000 Pcs standard size 90 x 54mm Business Cards), for other question , please contact us for details.


  • Every extra logo tracing will charge $30 each.
  • Every extra photo retouching will charge $30 each.
  • Manuscript production service include: manuscript amended twice only, $50 for each extra amendment.
  • Starting from 1 Dec., 2008 All products from Print100 are free for artwork manuscript prodcution (Except Calender, Leaflet,NCR Receipt Booklet, Document Envelope & Others Special Items). Our free services only included twice admendment in the artwork. For extra admendment in the artwork, we charges HKD50 per change . Please feel free to contact us to quote and understand the free artwork manuscript production & except items manuscript production charges.
  • Other weight of card required to quote separately.