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Premium Japanese Ink

Ink Color:
Violet, Red and Black

Production Time:
24 Hours (1 Working Day
2 Hours for Speed Stamp

Product Pricing Speed Stamp
P1743, P2255, P2626, P19, P26 $70 $140
P2867, P4355, P47, P54 $80 $160
Stock Stamp $25 n/a
Keychain Stamp $28 $56

Delivery: Collect at our office or Deliver by Courier. Including courier charges ($15) for general business district (NO courier charge is included for Stock Stamp); for other areas, surcharge may applied, please contact us for details.
Manuscript Production
- if new customer need our manuscript production service, customer have to prepay $60 artwork fee, when customer place order it will be deducted. (artwork included: double side artwork, 1 logo tracing and 4 photo retouching)
- The pricing above included manuscript production, customer may select pre-designs here.
- 1 logo tracing and 1 amendment is included in manuscript production; surcharge may applied on complexity of the logo.
- Every extra logo tracing will charge $30 each
- Every extra photo retouching will charge $30 each
- Surcharge may apply on every extra amendments in an artwork.
* Starting from December 1, 2008, we are providing FREE manuscript production service, including business cards, envelopes, letterheads, wedding cards, greeting cards, notepads, notebooks, stickers, pre-inked stamp, folders, calendar card and mini wall calendars. (Special products are excluded)
- Manuscript production service include: manuscript amended twice only, $50 for each extra amendment.
- Manuscript is owned by Print100, artwork file will not be sent / copied to customer.

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  • For line and strokes, do not use thinner than 0.1mm for straight lines, 0.15mm for dotted lines, and 0.2mm for curve lines.
  • Please do not use font size smaller than 6pt, and do use common fonts like Arial, Times New Roman.
  • Please make sure the logo on the stamp should not be too small.
  • Please reserve 2mm area clean from the edge of the stamp
  • Print100 will not take any liability on any of the content (overly offensive or contain illegal material) in customer provide artwork.
  • We do not accept any returns for errors other than color or text made by Print100 for customer provide artwork.
  • We accept computer artwork only, do not accept filmset.