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標準 NCR 單規格
Paper:   2 PLY(White Front/Red Bottom
            3 PLY(White Front/Red Middle/Yellow Bottom
            4 PLY(White Front/Red 2nd/Yellow 3rd/Blue Bottom
            5 PLY(White Front/Red 2nd/Yellow 3rd/Blue 4th/Green Bottom
Colour:   Single colour NCR
Items QTY. 2 PLY 2 PLY

Extra cost for additional colours

Extra cost for additional colours

Extra cost for additional colours

Extra cost for additional colours
1C+0 1 Colour 1C+0 1 Colour 1C+0 1 Colour 1C+0 1 Colour
4 mo

10 HK$450 HK$140 HK$560 HK$140 HK$650 HK$205 HK$770 HK$215
20 HK$605 HK$185 HK$845 HK$160 HK$1,045 HK$275 HK$1,285 HK$290
30 HK$890 HK$195 HK$1,165 HK$185 HK$1,550 HK$300 HK$1,940 HK$290
40 HK$1,010 HK$205 HK$1,365 HK$205 HK$1,815 HK$335 HK$2,300 HK$290
50 HK$1,150 HK$230 HK$1,520 HK$230 HK$1,970 HK$370 HK$2,550 HK$290
100 HK$1,935 HK$415 HK$2,880 HK$415 HK$3,750 HK$550 HK$5,070 HK$575
200 HK$3,840 HK$830 HK$5,730 HK$830 HK$7,425 HK$1,105 HK$10,075 HK$1,150
300 HK$5,720 HK$1,240 HK$8,570 HK$1,240 HK$11,090 HK$1,655 HK$15,050 HK$1,730
400 HK$7,600 HK$1,655 HK$11,385 HK$1,655 HK$14,720 HK$2,210 HK$19,975 HK$2,305
6 mo

10 HK$385 HK$140 HK$440 HK$140 HK$605 HK$205 HK$735 HK$215
20 HK$495 HK$185 HK$605 HK$185 HK$845 HK$275 HK$1,090 HK$290
30 HK$735 HK$195 HK$860 HK$195 HK$1,275 HK$300 HK$1,595 HK$290
40 HK$860 HK$205 HK$970 HK$205 HK$1,465 HK$335 HK$1,825 HK$290
50 HK$935 HK$230 HK$1,165 HK$230 HK$1,615 HK$370 HK$2,055 HK$290
100 HK$1,585 HK$415 HK$2,300 HK$415 HK$2,675 HK$550 HK$3,135 HK$575
200 HK$3,135 HK$830 HK$4,665 HK$830 HK$5,280 HK$1,105 HK$6,235 HK$1,150
300 HK$4,675 HK$1,240 HK$6,775 HK$1,240 HK$7,865 HK$1,655 HK$9,315 HK$1,730
400 HK$6,180 HK$1,655 HK$8,985 HK$1,655 HK$10,430 HK$2,210 HK$12,340 HK$2,305
8 mo

10 HK$340 HK$115 HK$420 HK$125 HK$455 HK$195 HK$530 HK$205
20 HK$450 HK$115 HK$640 HK$125 HK$730 HK$195 HK$895 HK$205
30 HK$640 HK$115 HK$885 HK$130 HK$1,090 HK$195 HK$1,340 HK$205
40 HK$705 HK$115 HK$1,045 HK$140 HK$1,260 HK$195 HK$1,595 HK$205
50 HK$770 HK$115 HK$1,095 HK$140 HK$1,430 HK$195 HK$1,770 HK$205
100 HK$1,310 HK$230 HK$2,035 HK$255 HK$2,695 HK$390 HK$3,515 HK$410
200 HK$2,480 HK$460 HK$3,980 HK$505 HK$5,165 HK$780 HK$6,980 HK$815
300 HK$3,670 HK$685 HK$5,945 HK$755 HK$7,690 HK$1,175 HK$10,445 HK$1,225
400 HK$4,855 HK$915 HK$7,900 HK$1,005 HK$10,195 HK$1,565 HK$13,855 HK$1,630
12 mo

10 HK$320 HK$115 HK$390 HK$125 HK$460 HK$195 HK$515 HK$205
20 HK$380 HK$115 HK$510 HK$125 HK$660 HK$195 HK$765 HK$205
30 HK$530 HK$115 HK$680 HK$135 HK$890 HK$195 HK$1,110 HK$205
40 HK$630 HK$115 HK$840 HK$140 HK$1060 HK$195 HK$1,275 HK$205
50 HK$750 HK$115 HK$990 HK$140 HK$1250 HK$195 HK$1,440 HK$205
100 HK$1230 HK$230 HK$1720 HK$255 HK$2160 HK$390 HK$2,505 HK$410
200 HK$2,045 HK$460 HK$3,150 HK$505 HK$3,730 HK$780 HK$4,845 HK$815
300 HK$3,005 HK$685 HK$4,705 HK$755 HK$5,565 HK$1,175 HK$7,190 HK$1,225
400 HK$3,965 HK$915 HK$6,235 HK$1,005 HK$7,405 HK$1,565 HK$9,545 HK$1,630
16 mo

10 HK$265 HK$105 HK$365 HK$115 HK$380 HK$195 HK$500 HK$205
20 HK$330 HK$105 HK$425 HK$115 HK$500 HK$195 HK$660 HK$205
30 HK$450 HK$105 HK$595 HK$125 HK$690 HK$195 HK$865 HK$205
40 HK$505 HK$105 HK$705 HK$125 HK$810 HK$195 HK$1,050 HK$205
50 HK$585 HK$105 HK$800 HK$125 HK$945 HK$195 HK$1,110 HK$205
100 HK$970 HK$190 HK$1,260 HK$205 HK$1,595 HK$310 HK$1,890 HK$325
200 HK$1,870 HK$380 HK$2,505 HK$420 HK$3,165 HK$615 HK$3,725 HK$640
300 HK$2,785 HK$570 HK$3,725 HK$625 HK$4,715 HK$925 HK$5,575 HK$965
400 HK$3,660 HK$760 HK$4,940 HK$835 HK$6,250 HK$1,225 HK$7,380 HK$1,280
24 mo

10 HK$265 HK$105 HK$365 HK$115 HK$380 HK$195 HK$490 HK$205
20 HK$330 HK$105 HK$425 HK$115 HK$500 HK$195 HK$600 HK$205
30 HK$395 HK$105 HK$550 HK$115 HK$600 HK$195 HK$730 HK$205
40 HK$450 HK$105 HK$580 HK$115 HK$770 HK$195 HK$860 HK$205
50 HK$530 HK$105 HK$675 HK$120 HK$895 HK$195 HK$1,080 HK$205
100 HK$825 HK$105 HK$1,000 HK$125 HK$1,330 HK$195 HK$1,655 HK$205
200 HK$1,205 HK$190 HK$1,760 HK$205 HK$2,020 HK$310 HK$2,515 HK$325
300 HK$1,780 HK$295 HK$2,625 HK$320 HK$2,985 HK$450 HK$3,685 HK$470
400 HK$2,325 HK$380 HK$3,470 HK$420 HK$4,090 HK$615 HK$4,850 HK$640
32 mo

10 HK$265 HK$105 HK$340 HK$115 HK$370 HK$195 HK$490 HK$205
20 HK$320 HK$105 HK$425 HK$115 HK$490 HK$195 HK$590 HK$205
30 HK$350 HK$105 HK$450 HK$115 HK$530 HK$195 HK$660 HK$205
40 HK$375 HK$105 HK$505 HK$115 HK$580 HK$195 HK$710 HK$205
50 HK$440 HK$105 HK$530 HK$125 HK$675 HK$195 HK$840 HK$205
100 HK$660 HK$105 HK$945 HK$125 HK$1,000 HK$195 HK$1,250 HK$205
200 HK$1,130 HK$190 HK$1,425 HK$205 HK$1,655 HK$310 HK$1,990 HK$325
300 HK$1,650 HK$295 HK$2,125 HK$320 HK$2,480 HK$450 HK$2,985 HK$470
400 HK$2,155 HK$380 HK$2,795 HK$420 HK$3,285 HK$585 HK$3,955 HK$610
.The above price includes: standard NCR paper, one set of running number (in red),
   one perforated line (half inch from pad end), padding .1PLY: 100set/book, 2PLY, 3PLY, 4PLY, 5PLY: 50set/booklet
* customers may change 1PLY to 50set/book with no extra charge.
* customers may change 2PLY/3PLY/4PLY5PLY to 25set/book or 100set/book with addition charge of HK$20
   for every 1000set. Please note that the minimum charge would be HK$50 and price doubled for 2PLY or above.

Printing Color
.Black / 15 pantone colours
.(Prices for other colours will be charged double)
.(Remarks: Black / Specific pantone colour 2C+0, will be charged as 3C+0)

Standard Paper Colour Sequence:
.2 PLY : White Front / Red Bottom
.3 PLY : White Front / Red Middle / Yellow Bottom
.4 PLY : White Front / Red 2nd / Yellow 3rd / Blue Bottom
.5 PLY : White Front / Red 2nd / Yellow 3rd / Blue 4th / Green Bottom

Change of Paper Colour Sequence:
.White Front (Unchanged), others change in sequence or colour of paper: Total Amount of ordering : +$60
.White Front (Changed), others change in sequence or colour of paper: Total Amount of ordering: +40% (Extra lead time: +2 working days)

Change to 80 or 100g Woodfree Paper:
.Total amount + $50 (Price is negotiable for bulk purchase).
.NCR Paper is thinner than Woodfree Paper, its elasticity is weaker than Coated Art Paper. General full-coloured invoice booklets are always with full-coloured logo and light background (Paper with 100% colour density will lead to opacity for “writting", please be aware of keeping 50% colour density or below).
.No. of set for an invoice booklet is 50, customers can change to 25 sets or 100 sets, $20 will be charged for every 1,000 sets (minimum charge $50).Note: For 2PLY above, price is counted as double.
.There will also be double book counting for 2PLY or more.
.The standard printing colour is in black and 15 kinds of spot color. Any other color will be charged as double colors.

Other Details
* Special Perforation: For special position (Except for half inch), it will be charged +$100 for the first perforation,afterwards it will be charged $50 for each perforation (Extra lead time: +1 working day).
Note: Normal perforation only attachwithin 5 standard sizes;

* Addition of Numbering: +$60 / set;Addition of Numbering in black ink total amount +$70 / set
* Change of Plate : Addition of each plate +$120, counted with one colour;
* Folder with 2 hold punch , each one HKD$1 ( Minimum charge of HKD $100 is required )
* White bottom (opacity): +$100, counted with one colour;
* Auto – Resolving Gel : +$30 / 1,000 sets; (minimum charge $50)(Prices above are determined by customers’ own artwork, including 1 set of number)

.For customers who choose to use our NRC template the manuscript production fee will be HK$60.
   For customers who want to use their design the charge will be A5: HK$200, A4: HK$250.
   For artworks with multiple guidelines the manuscript production fee will be subject to quote.
.Please allow 2 working days for the manuscript to be produced, customers are welcomed to send in their artwork.
.Our manuscript production service includes 2 free amendments; if more amendments are required,
   a HK$50 amendment fee will be charged per amendment.
.The production time for manuscript varies, customers are welcomed to submit their own artwork.
.Print100 retain all ownership and other rights in the manuscript produced and the artwork will not be returned to customers.
.Print100 will not be responsible for typographical or other errors or omissions regarding
   the manuscript produced / artwork submitted.
.The manuscript production fee cannot be refund for order that was later on canceled or not decided not to print.
.The Terms of Use and Conditions may be changed by Print100 at any time without prior notice.
.In order for the color to be transferred to the next layer, the color of
   the front paper must be keep under 50%
.Please let us know to location of the padding while ordering the NCR booklet.
.Please indicate the location of the perforation.

Lead Time
.8 working days (addition finishing excluded)

*Customers can choose the Pantone from the follow picture, please note that the color should follow the Pantone Code Book as the below is the RGB color give off by the computer and should be be used as the color reference.

PT11(Warm Red)

Note to Designer
.Please note that there should be at least 40mm between the perforation line and the number
.The size of the number is 5(H) x 30 (W)mm, the font style and the size cannot be changed (4 – 7 digit)
.There should be at least 80mm between two sets of numbers




  • Text and images should position within 3 - 5mm from the Trim Line.
  • Please prepare the file based on our downloadable format and avoid to put anything important outside the safe zone.
  • Please convert all text elements in the artwork to curve.
  • Please be noticed thin and small text may not be seen clearly if ink amount set lower than 50%.
  • We accept files from PC or Mac, however PC file will be more convenient to us.


  • Please keep all colors in the artwork to CMYK mode.
  • Please refer to CMYK Color Book for standard CMYK output color, color on screen (RGB) shall not be the reference.
  • Please use CMYK color only while handling the artwork in computer.
  • We do not accept returns on color differences if the artwork uploaded was made up with colors other than CMYK (RGB, Pantone, Spot Color, etc.).
  • Please note that there will be a +/- 10% color difference for reordering the same artwork.
  • We will not amend anything on the artwork (e.g. converting Spot Color to CMYK color).
  • Do not place any Spot Color in the artwork as errors may occurred while printing the artwork.
  • Please avoid using Full Process Ink (100% for C, M, Y, K value) as the high total ink amount will affect the output product.


  • Print100 will not be held accountable for any of the content in the artwork (overly offensive and/ or contain illegal materials, etc.) provided by customers.
  • We do not guarantee the successful reading of the Barcode or QR code in the printed material in case of presence.
  • We accept computer artwork only, films or other form of artwork are not accepted.
  • Due to the defect occurred during production, there might be a + / - 5% quantity difference for the order.