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Qty (Pcs) A5S(210X140mm)
500 $315 $221 $465 $326 $565 $396
1,000 $315 $221 $360 $252 $560 $392 $660 $462
2,000 $360 $252 $560 $392 $810 $567 $910 $637
3,000 $710 $497 $1,010 $707 $1,110 $777
4,000 $560 $392 $810 $567 $1,260 $882 $1,360 $952
5,000 $910 $637 $1,410 $987 $1,510 $1,057
6,000 $710 $497 $1,010 $707 $1,610 $1,127 $1,710 $1,197
7,000 $1,110 $777 $1,810 $1,267 $1,910 $1,337
8,000 $810 $567 $1,210 $847 $1,407 $1,407 $1,477 $1,477
9,000 $1,310 $917 $2,210 $1,547 $2,310 $1,617
10,000 $910 $637 $1,410 $987 $2,310 $1,617 $2,410 $1,687
.The above price applied to 135g Glossy Art Paper only
.The estimated production time for S series leaflet is 3-4 working days

Paper type:128g Glossy Art Paper
Size:A4 | A3
Color:4C+4C Offset Printing
Qty (Pcs) A5 148 x 210mm A4 210 x 297mm A3 420 x 297mm
  Single Side/
Double Side
Single Side/
Double Side
Single Side Double Side
500 HK$360 HK$360 HK$525 HK$625
1,000 HK$360 HK$410 HK$625 HK$725
2,000 HK$405 HK$605 HK$870 HK$970
3,000 HK$605 HK$760 HK$1,080 HK$1,180
4,000 HK$605 HK$860 HK$1,330 HK$1,430
5,000 HK$750 HK$950 HK$1,470 HK$1,570
6,000 HK$750 HK$1,050 HK$1,670 HK$1,770
7,000 HK$850 HK$1,155 HK$1,880 HK$1,980
8,000 HK$850 HK$1,255 HK$2,080 HK$2,180
9,000 HK$950 HK$1,355 HK$2,410 HK$2,380
10,000 HK$950 HK$1,460 HK$2,410 HK$2,510
.The MOQ for 80g Woodfree Paper and 128g Matt Art Paper in A4 is 2000pcs, 4000pcs for A5 sizes, the price of which can be
    refer to that of 128g Glossy Art Paper.
.The MOQ for 120g Woodfree Paper, 140g Woodfree Paper and 157g Matt Art Paper in A4 is 2000pcs, 4000pcs for A5 sizes,
   the price of which can be refer to that of 157g Glossy Art Paper.
.The addition charge for 157g Glossy / Matt Art Paper is listed below:
   - A4 (210x297mm) : HK$10 / 1000pcs
   - A3 (420x297mm) : HK$20 / 1000pcs
.The estimated production time for full color leaflet is 4-5 working days
.Available for self pickup or delivery, the delivery charge is subject to quote.
.Please let us know should the product needs to be shipped blind when the order was placed.
.Product prices and configuration are subject to change without prior notice.
.We provide manuscript production service, the charge is subject to quote.
.Our manuscript production service includes 2 free amendments; if more amendments are required, a HK$50
   amendment fee will be charged per amendment.
.The production time for manuscript varies, customers are welcomed to submit their own artwork.
.Print100 retain all ownership and other rights in the manuscript produced and will not be returned to customers.
.Print100 will not be responsible for typographical or other errors or omissions regarding
   the manuscript produced / artwork submitted.
.The Terms of Use and Conditions may be changed by Print100 at any time without prior notice.


  • Text and images should position within 3 - 5mm from the Trim Line.
  • The file size should not exceed 3MB.
  • The standard size for business card is 94 x 58mm (include bleeding). Actual size is 90 x 54 mm .
  • Please be noticed the possible area trim away for round cornering.
  • Please locate the two side in a file for one artwork, do not break into 2 files. (except JPG & TIF format)
  • Please be noticed thin and small text may not be seen clearly if ink amount set lower than 50%.
  • We accept files from PC or Mac, PC file will be more conveniece to us.

  • All files should in CMYK mode
  • Please refer to CMYK Color Book for standard CMYK, color on screen (RGB) shall not be the reference. (We provide Color Card for Glossy Art paper with Matt Lamination, Super White Stock Paper and Woodfree Paper)
  • Please use CMYK color while handling artwork in computer, do not use RGB color.
  • We will not accept returns on color differences that customers using color other than CMYK (RGB, Pantone, Spot Color...)
  • Color difference within 10% is an industry standard for re-ordering the same artwork.
  • We will not amend any self provided artwork. (Including converting Spot Color to CMYK color)
  • Do not place any Spot Color in the artwork, errors may occured while printing.
  • Too high total ink amount will affect the product, do not use Full Proccess Ink (100% for C,M,Y,K value)

  • Print100 will not take any liability on any of the content (overly offensive or contain illegal material) in customer provide artwork.
  • We do not guarantee the successful reading of Barcode or QR code presented in the printed material in case of presence.
  • We do not accept any returns for errors other than color or text made by Print100 for customer provide artwork.
  • We provide service on photo-taking self portrait for business card.
  • We accept computer artwork only, do not accept filmset.