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Spot Color Card

Type of Paper:One of the 26 different type of Fancy Paper
Color:Spot Color
Production Time:10 Working Days
Others:Free Manuscript Production
Spot Color Card
90x54mm Spot Color Card
Single Side Spot Color
300 pcs
400 pcs
500 pcs
1C + 0
2C + 0
3C + 0

Double Side Spot Color
300 pcs
400 pcs
500 pcs
1C + 1C
2C + 2C
3C + 3C

*There will be an extra charge of HK$20 for large area of one spot color printed on single side,HK$40 for that of double side. *metallic colors, total amountX1.1 *fluorescent colors, total amountX1.5 *HK$150/300pcs for Single side Raised Ink Embossing, double side Raised Ink Embossing is not available at the moment.
26 Specialty papers
01-11 Conqueror – Curious Metallics Metal, Ice Gold 250gsm
01-12 Conqueror – Curious Metallics Metal, White Gold 250gsm
01-13 Conqueror – Concept, Iridescent Gold Dust 250gsm
01-14 Conqueror – Concept, Iridescent Silver Mist 250gsm
01-15 Conqueror – Smooth, Wove Brilliant White 220gsm
01-16 Conqueror – Opale, Pure White Wove 250gsm
01-17 Conqueror – Smooth, CX22 Oyster 250gsm
01-18 Conqueror – Texture, Laid High White 220gsm
01-19 Conqueror – Texture, Micro Laid High White 270gsm
01-20 Smooth, Cream(out of stock) 240gsm
01-21 Super Smooth, Latte 250gsm
01-22 Conqueror – Texture, Contour Brilliant White 300gsm
01-23 Conqueror – Curious Metallics Iridescent, Cryogen White 240gsm
01-24 Conqueror – Curious Particles, Snow 250gsm
01-25 Conqueror – Curious Particles, Sunshine 140gsm
01-26 Smooth, Diamond 270gsm
01-27 Matchmaker White 200gsm
01-29 Conqueror – Opale, Pure White Fabric 250gsm
01-30 Texture, Eggshell, Bright White 230gsm
01-31 Ultra White Wove 250gsm
01-32 Ultra White Wove 300gsm
01-33 Texture, Fineline, Ultra White(out of stock) 250gsm
01-34 Conqueror – Curious Metallics Metal, Ice Gold 160gsm
Conqueror – Concept, Iridescent Gold Dust
01-36 Conqueror – Concept, Iridescent Silver Mist 160gsm

Manuscript Production

Manuscript Production

  • We provide free manuscript production service for spot color card orders.
  • A deposit of HK$60 will be charged up front for new customers who wish to use our free manuscript production service.
  • Please kindly allow 2 days for the manuscript production, customers are welcomed to submit their artwork.
  • Print100 retain all ownership and other rights in the manuscript produced and the artwork will not be returned to customers.
  • Print100 will not be responsible for typographical or other errors or omissions regarding the manuscript produced / artwork submitted.


  • Production Time:10 Working Days.
  • Please allow one extra day for addition finishing (i.e. round corners / hole punching / crease line).
  • For orders on different sizes, quantity and/or finishing(s), feel free to contact us within office hour for more information, tel: 2968 0000.
  • The Terms of Use and Conditions may be changed by Print100 at any time without prior notice.


  • Available for self pick up or local delivery. The delivery charge for standard commerical/ industrial area in HK$15, delivery charge for other location is subject to quote.
  • For purchase over HK$300 (addition finishings excluded), HK$15 standard commerical / industrial delivery charge. The delivery charge for non-standard area is subject to quote.


  • Please contact us for quote on other finishing like lamination and/or different color on both side of the card.
  • The charge for rush manuscript production service for business card is HK$120.
  • For customers who would like to have their artwork printed on papers other than our 26 types of fancy paper, feel free to contact us for more information.
  • If the manuscript contains more then one logo that requires process, an addition charge of HK$30 will be charge for each extra logo.
  • Our manuscript production service includes 2 free amendments; if more amendments are required, a HK$50 amendment fee will be charged per amendment.
  • All card orders are entitle for one cut on the card, an extra charge of HK$10 will be added for each extra cutting on the card.
Manuscript Production