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Digital Print Black and White Saddle Stitching Booklet

Paper Type:128g or 157g Glossy Art Paper
                  128g or 157g Matt Art Paper
                  100g Woodfree Paper
Size:         A5 (Upright or Landscape)
                  A4 (Upright)
Color:       Digital Printing
Binding:    Saddle Stitch Binding
Digital Print Black and White Saddle Stitching Booklet
Digital Printing A5 Size (148x210mm) Black and White Saddle Stitching Booklet (Upright / Landscape)
A5 1 3 5 10 30 50 100
8pp HK$25 HK$31 HK$36 HK$46 HK$90 HK$127 HK$210
12pp HK$38 HK$46 HK$54 HK$68 HK$136 HK$190 HK$315
16pp HK$51 HK$61 HK$72 HK$90 HK$181 HK$253 HK$420
20pp HK$63 HK$77 HK$90 HK$113 HK$226 HK$317 HK$525
24pp HK$76 HK$92 HK$108 HK$136 HK$271 HK$379 HK$630
28pp HK$88 HK$107 HK$126 HK$158 HK$317 HK$443 HK$735
32pp HK$101 HK$123 HK$144 HK$181 HK$361 HK$506 HK$840
36pp HK$114 HK$138 HK$162 HK$203 HK$407 HK$569 HK$930
40pp HK$126 HK$153 HK$181 HK$226 HK$451 HK$632 HK$1,030
44pp HK$139 HK$169 HK$199 HK$248 HK$497 HK$696 HK$1,130
48pp HK$152 HK$184 HK$217 HK$271 HK$542 HK$758 HK$1,235
52pp HK$164 HK$199 HK$235 HK$294 HK$587 HK$822 HK$1,330
56pp HK$177 HK$215 HK$253 HK$316 HK$632 HK$885 HK$1,435
60pp HK$190 HK$230 HK$271 HK$338 HK$677 HK$940 HK$1,530
64pp HK$202 HK$245 HK$289 HK$361 HK$722 HK$1,012 HK$1,640

Digital Printing A4 Size (297x210mm) Black and White Saddle Stitching Booklet (Upright)
A4 1 3 5 10 30 50 100
8pp HK$32 HK$39 HK$46 HK$68 HK$108 HK$146 HK$253
12pp HK$47 HK$57 HK$67 HK$95 HK$163 HK$219 HK$379
16pp HK$63 HK$77 HK$90 HK$122 HK$217 HK$292 HK$505
20pp HK$79 HK$96 HK$113 HK$149 HK$271 HK$364 HK$632
24pp HK$95 HK$115 HK$136 HK$176 HK$325 HK$437 HK$758
28pp HK$110 HK$134 HK$158 HK$203 HK$379 HK$510 HK$884
32pp HK$126 HK$153 HK$181 HK$230 HK$433 HK$583 HK$1,011
36pp HK$142 HK$173 HK$203 HK$258 HK$488 HK$656 HK$1,137
40pp HK$158 HK$192 HK$226 HK$284 HK$542 HK$729 HK$1,264
44pp HK$174 HK$211 HK$248 HK$312 HK$596 HK$801 HK$1,390
48pp HK$190 HK$230 HK$271 HK$338 HK$650 HK$874 HK$1,516
52pp HK$205 HK$250 HK$294 HK$366 HK$704 HK$947 HK$1,643
56pp HK$221 HK$269 HK$316 HK$392 HK$758 HK$1,020 HK$1,769
60pp HK$237 HK$287 HK$338 HK$420 HK$812 HK$1,093 HK$1,895
64pp HK$253 HK$307 HK$361 HK$447 HK$866 HK$1,165 HK$2,022
.The above price can be applied to 100g Woodfree Paper, 128g or 157g with Matt Art Paper or Glossy Art Paper.
.The above price list included with 250g Art Paper Cover.
.Each booklet will be added HKD $4 , If the covers choose from 26 options of Specialty papers .
.Please contact us for quotation if more than 100 booklets.
.Production time: 1-2 working days
.Available for self pickup or delivery, the delivery charge is subject to quote.
.Please let us know should the product needs to be shipped blind when the order was placed.
.Product prices and configuration are subject to change without prior notice.
.We provide manuscript production service, the charge is subject to quote.
.Our manuscript production service includes 2 free amendments; if more amendments are required,
   a HK$50 amendment fee will be charged per amendment.
.The production time for manuscript varies, customers are welcomed to submit their own artwork.
.Print100 retain all ownership and other rights in the manuscript produced and will not be returned to customers.
.Print100 will not be responsible for typographical or other errors or omissions regarding
   the manuscript produced / artwork submitted.
.The Terms of Use and Conditions may be changed by Print100 at any time without prior notice.


  • Text and images should position within 3 - 5mm from the Trim Line.
  • Please prepare the file based on our downloadable format and avoid to put anything important outside the safe zone.
  • Please convert all text elements in the artwork to curve.
  • Please be noticed thin and small text may not be seen clearly if ink amount set lower than 50%.
  • We accept files from PC or Mac, however PC file will be more convenient to us.

  • Please keep all colors in the artwork to CMYK mode.
  • Please refer to CMYK Color Book for standard CMYK output color, color on screen (RGB) shall not be the reference. (We provide Color Card for Matt Lamination card, Super White Stock Paper, Spot UV card and Woodfree Paper.)
  • Please use CMYK color only while handling the artwork in computer.
  • We do not accept returns on color differences if the artwork uploaded was made up with colors other than CMYK (RGB, Pantone, Spot Color, etc.).
  • Please note that there will be a +/- 10% color difference for reordering the same artwork.
  • We will not amend anything on the artwork (e.g. converting Spot Color to CMYK color).
  • Do not place any Spot Color in the artwork as errors may occurred while printing the artwork.
  • Please avoid using Full Process Ink (100% for C, M, Y, K value) as the high total ink amount will affect the output product.

  • Print100 will not be held accountable for any of the content in the artwork (overly offensive and/ or contain illegal materials, etc.) provided by customers.
  • We do not guarantee the successful reading of the Barcode or QR code in the printed material in case of presence.
  • We do not accept any returns for errors other than color (excluded for errors due to color mode different mentioned above) or text made by Print100 for self provided artwork.
  • We accept computer artwork only, films or other form of artwork are not accepted.