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What's POP?
POP is the reward "Points Of Print100". You will earn 5 POP for every 100 US dollars (0.05 POP for 1 USD) you spend at Print100.com. POP can be used to Redeem Gifts or Our Products according to our redemption list. With our Referral System, you are not only getting rewards when you order. You can also gain 3% reward from whomever you refer, and whenever they order. Moreover, this referral scheme not only counts on direct referral but also indirect referral as well. Below is the detail information of our Referral System.

What's the Referral System?

This system works in a tree structure, with 3-Level approach to the top as 1-3-5. Of course people at the top can earn more POP with more branches. If you understand how this referral system works, you definitely can save more money for you order. Please note that member MUST previously purchase from our web site, in order to reward POP when their branches place an order.

How the Referral System works?

For instance, Peter refers Paul and Paul refers Mary. Their relationship will be as follow:

Peter (1st level referrer)  »  Paul (2nd level referrer)  »  Mary (3rd level referrer)

According to the above structure, if Mary spends USD100 at our web site, she will get 5 POP, Paul will get 3 and Peter will get 1 .

How to get MORE referral?
To help you getting more referral easily, you can simply login to your account and click on "Promotional Material", direct link or referral icons can be chosen and being put on your websites, blogs or even anywhere online. These links are tracked with data that can help you managing your links easily. Your username will be inserted automatically in the field of Referrer and you can earn POP via your referrals when they place the order.
How to use my POP?
1 POP is equivalent to 1 US Dollar at Print100.com (Global). Additional payment option will be available upon checkout when member has accumulated sufficient POP for the transaction. POP will be expired if not be used on semiyearly basis. (i.e.: Points not be used with 6 months). The old POP points not used before 1st September, 2007 will be expired on 1st of March 2008.

How to check my POP?
Every time you place an order, our system will automatically re-calculate your POP. The new POP balance will show up after you choose the payment method. You can also check your POP balance by logging in our website anytime.

How do I share my Print100's Referral Link?